Welcome to NUCA of The Carolinas

NUCA Open Golf
July 25, 2019

Fall Conference
Oct 17-19, 2019

NUCA 2019 Incoming President

Chris Sellman with Smith, Kesler and Company (on left) is 2019 President.

NUCA 2018 “Ditch Digger” of the Year

Steve Brown – State Utility Contractors (on the left) with 2017 President Kenneth Smith.

NUCA 2018 Associate of the Year

National Trench Safety – left to right – Tyler Wilson, (Presenter – Chris Sellman) William Mercer and Jason Hermida.

NUCA 2019 Board of Directors

Photo taken at the 2018 Fall Conference.

2019 Spring Conference Photos

Past Ditch Diggers

2017 – Mr. Rob Goslee
2016 – Mr. Rick Leonardi – Pomona Pipe Products
2015 – Ken Malonson – Park Construction Company
2014 – Leo Barbera – Horizontal Holes
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Goal #1 – Promote the value of NUCA of the Carolinas to members and non-members alike by providing meaningful programming and networking opportunities.

Goal #2 – Promote a safety culture throughout the underground utility construction industry.