Welcome to NUCA of The Carolinas

NUCA Open Golf 

July, 2019

Fall Conference  

Oct 17-19, 2019

Top Reasons to Join NUCA Carolinas

Check out this short video.

PDF of the video.     Top Reasons to Join NUCA Carolinas

NUCA 2019 Incoming President

Chris Sellman with Smith, Kesler and Company (on left) is 2019 President.

NUCA 2018 “Ditch Digger” of the Year

Steve Brown – State Utility Contractors (on the left) with 2017 President Kenneth Smith.

NUCA 2018 Associate of the Year

National Trench Safety – left to right – Tyler Wilson, (Presenter – Chris Sellman) William Mercer and Jason Hermida.

NUCA 2019 Board of Directors

Photo taken at the 2018 Fall Conference.



2019 Spring Conf Photos 
shovelPast Ditch Diggers

2017 – Mr. Rob Goslee 2016 – Mr. Rick Leonardi – Pomona Pipe Products 2015 – Ken Malonson – Park Construction Company 2014 – Leo Barbera – Horizontal Holes See more…






Goal #1 – Promote the value of NUCA of the Carolinas to members and non-members alike by providing meaningful programming and networking opportunities.

Goal #2 – Promote a safety culture throughout the underground utility construction industry.