Below are the Young Leaders of NUCA Carolinas

Young Leaders Position First Name Last Name Company Email
President Chase Boyer Indaco Risk Advisors
Vice President Austin Merritt United Rentals Trench Safety
Treasurer Chris Lord Xylem
Secretary James Bernash Young Construction
Engagement Committee Chair Joshua Rogers Jones Clearing
Outreach Committee Chair Ryan Mack Park Construction
Philanthropic Committee Chair John Burke Garney
Marketing Committee Chair Devin Keenan Bruce Allen
Outreach Co-Chair Gunnar Barringer BRS
Marketing Co-Chair Erin O'Brien Bruce Allen
Engagement Committee Co-Chair Kyle Anderson Garney
Philanthropic Committee Co-Chair Scott Rand United Rentals Trench Safety
Engagement Committee Member Tyler Ritter Xylem
Engagement Committee Member Jose Fuentes Park Construction
Marketing Committee Member Kyle Ellington Intragrade
Marketing Committee Member Melanie Hayes Directional Services Inc
Engagement Committee Member Dustin Covington American
Philanthropic Committee Member Kyle Reitzel Terrahawk LLC
Outreach Committee Member David Singletary BRS
Outreach Committee Member CJ Batista Batista Grading
Philanthropic Committee Member Kyle Hatcher Garney Construction
Philanthropic Committee Member Blake Brown Leak Locators
Outreach Committee Member Grant Walker Indaco Risk Advisors
Outreach Committee Member Steven Price Foremost pipeline
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