Political Action/Advocacy

NUCA Monitors the Needs and Issues affecting our members

NUCA continues to work for you

NUCA continues to monitor the needs and issues affecting our members and to work to resolve issues that negatively affect our industry.

Political Action/Advocacy

NUCA continues to monitor the needs and issues affecting our members and to work to resolve issues that negatively affect our industry.

Issues that have currently been brought to attention include, in part, DOT policy on traffic control, positive shoring, lack of uniformity between Districts, and trenchless installations. Minority and disadvantaged business programs. Bidder pre qualification requirements that aren’t realistic. New Design Build and PPP laws. Currently the consensus is to focus on the pre-qualification problems while monitoring the other issues in case action is required.

NUCA maintains a Political Action Committee (PAC). The PAC can only accept personal checks in NC and can make campaign contributions to candidates running for State of NC offices. Helping get legislators elected that support our values and our agenda is very important and every member is encouraged to make some contribution to our PAC.

Our primary purpose is to identify candidates, running for statewide office or a seat in the General Assembly of North Carolina, who understand and support underground utility construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation as public policy.

NUCA PAC contribution page

National Utility Contractors of The Carolinas has long been active in awareness and bringing about change to benefit the general public, the contractors and especially our members. We have a Political Action Committee (PAC) that makes monetary contributions to North Carolina candidates who espouse the philosophy of the association, Safety, Value and benefit our projects, ethical business practices, fair risk allocation in contracts, and oppose onerous state and federal regulations. We also have a core group of members who choose to be politically active on their own but seek insight from other members of the association. This group has been successful in several undertakings.

Our group was very instrumental in negotiating changes to the NC blasting standards. The OSHA standards had not kept pace with blasting technology and were woefully out of date. With our expertise and help North Carolina Department of Labor amended the standard to include workable practices that included the newer methods of detonation.

NUCA also worked closely with the utility facility owners and operators and along with CAGC and CLICA to update our Underground Utility Safety and Damage Prevention Law . We feel that with our input our law went from being rated the worse in the nation to being one of the best. This change was achieved over many years and thru involvement with many entities other than just those that were directly involved. Our input in the Common Ground Alliance Best Practices was used to highlight practices that we could use in North Carolina and then to promote and defend those practices as being best for our state thereby getting them included in our law. Much the same method was used in South Carolina with much the same result.

Several issues continue to plague us but with input and involvement from our members we will prevail on these issues also. North Carolina DOT policies that pertain to traffic control, positive shoring, trenchless methods, SBE/DBE quotas, and numerous other rules and regulations that are unpractical and unworkable are among the current issues we continue to work on.

Contractor involvement is the key to accomplishing our goals, A check to the PAC is a start but being heard at the table is even better, a check and a voice is the ultimate commitment.