Contractor Members

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ABE Utilities, Inc.
PO Box 33413
Raleigh, NC 27636
Justus Everett
Phone: 919-834-3421
Fax: 919-834-9495

Products: Water/Sewer Construction, Concrete Structures, Pipeline Services, Excavation Shoring

Allegiance Contracting Group, LLC
Chuck Smith
7100 Six Forks Road
Suite 120
Raleigh, N.C. 27615

Products: Excavation, Site Development, Roadway/Highway/Bridge Construction, Water/Sewer Construction.

Ansco & Associates, LLC
2A Oak Branch Drive
Greensboro, NC 27404
Dennis Holloway
Phone: 336-852-3433
Fax: 336-852-4027

Products: Trenchless Installation, Telephone Cable, Power, CATV, Gas Lines

BRS, Inc.
PO Box 456
Richfield, NC 28137
Bradford Barringer
Phone: 704-463-1355
Fax: 704-463-1700

Products: Trenchless Installation, Water/Sewer Construction, Road/Highway/Bridge Construction, Excavation.

East Coast Contracting
3224-C North College Road
Wilmington, NC 28409
Jennifer Hobbs
Phone: 910-343-6445
Fax: 910-343-6449

Products: Excavation, Site Development, Roadway/Highway/Bridge Construction Sewer/Water Construction.

Foremost Pipeline Construction
386 Frontage Road
Gaston, SC 29053
Ben Aton
Phone: 803-939-4832
Fax: 803-939-4859

Products: Trenchless Installation, Water/Sewer Construction, Gas Distribution

Garney Construction
505 James Jackson Avenue
Cary, NC  27513
Ken Malonson
Phone: 919-291-5879

Gen3 Energy Services, LLC
PO Box 16086
Greensboro, NC 27416
Kevin Cripps
Phone: 336-420-0167

Products: Communications, Gas Distribution

Hickory Sand Co., Inc.
PO Box 2007
Hickory, NC 28603
Wayne Propst
Phone: 828-328-1846
Fax: 828-328-1329

Products: Water/Sewer Construction

Horizontal Unlimited, Inc.
195 Barton Creek Road
Westminster, SC 29693
Richard Hare
Phone: 864-647-1338
Fax: 864-647-1337

JF Wilkerson Contracting, Inc.
PO Box 183
Morrisville, NC 27560
Brian Wilkerson
Phone: 919-467-1829
Fax: 919-467-6269

Products: Water/Sewer Construction, Treatment Plant Construction

KBS Construction Co., LLC
208 Bath Road
Fremont, NC 27830
Kenneth Smith
Phone: 919-584-2626
Fax: 919-424-3392

KRG Utility, Inc.
PO Box 2000
Lenior, NC 28645
Jeff Greene
Phone: 828-757-0006
Fax: 828-754-3321

Products: Water/Sewer/Utility Construction

Lambert’s Cable Splicing Co., LLC
PO Box 563
Sharpsburg, NC 27878
Jimmy Carter
Phone: 252-442-9777 x 277
Fax: 252-442-9146

Products: Utility Construction Services for Telecommunication Companies, Municipalities and Governmental Entities.

McClam & Associates, Inc.
1642 Holy Trinity Church Rd.
Little Mountain, SC 29075
Bob McClam
Phone: 803-345-9194
Fax: 803-345-5362

Moffat Pipe, Inc.
4901 Unicon Drive
Wake Forest, NC 27587
Andrea Moffat
Phone: 919-295-4630

Morehead Construction
Don Morehead Construction
1513 Anderson Street
Belton, SC  29627
Kevin Morehead
Phone 864-338-0888

Palmetto Rock Services
1800 East Main Street
Duncan, S.C.  29334
Mike Evans

Park Construction Corp.
PO Box 500
Morrisville, NC 27560
Chris Humbert
Phone: 919-319-8801
Fax: 919-319-8835

Products: Water/Sewer Construction, Road/Highway/Bridge Construction, Treatment Plant Construction, Excavation

Pipeline Utilities, Inc.
2204-F Associate Drive
Raleigh, NC 27603
David Moser
Phone: 919-772-4310
Fax: 919-772-3261

Products: Water/Sewer Construction, Treatment Plant Construction

Propst Construction Company
PO Box 688
Concord, NC 28026
Brandon Hill
Phone: 704-782-2135
Fax: 704-782-2210

Ramey, Inc.
PO Box 10
Bethania, NC 27010
Jade Ramey
Phone: 336-922-4000
Fax: 336-922-1762

Products: Water/Sewer/Utility Construction

Razorback Boring, Inc.
PO Box 1010
Morrisville, NC 27560
Neill Wheeler
Phone: 919-341-3050

Products: Trenchless, Excavation, Site Development, Boring

RDU Paving, Inc.
5415 Fayetteville Road – Ste. B
Raleigh, NC 27603
Jennifer Lundholm
Phone: 919-329-7300

Sanders Constructors, Inc.
115 Sleepy Hollow Lane
Belmont, N.C.  28012
Ellen Sanders
Phone: 704-825-6995
Fax: 704-823-0863

Products: Excavation, Site Development; Water and Sewer Construction

Sanders Utility Construction Co., Inc.
6801 Brookshire Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28216
Hazel Sanders
Phone: 704-399-5600
Fax: 704-393-7786

Products: Water/Sewer Construction, Boring and Tunneling

Sides Contracting Co., Inc.
1010 America Way
Lexington, NC 27295
Tim Holder
Phone: 336-249-8300
Fax: 336-249-8093

Products: Silt Fence, Environmental, Wetland, Erosion, Hydro-Seeding, Tree Protection, Wattles. WBE Company.

Southeast Connections
8023-L Piedmont Triad Parkway
Greensboro, N.C.  27409
Scott Chaisson

State Utility Contractors, Inc.
PO Box 5019
Monroe, NC 28111
Ronald Brown
Phone: 704-289-6400
Fax: 704-282-0590

Products: Telephone, Cable Installation, Water/Sewer Construction, Treatment Plant Construction, Excavation.

Sullivan Eastern
3874 S. Alston Ave. Ste. 103
Durham, NC 27713
Jeff Sullivan
Phone: 919-484-8993
Fax: 919-484-0142

T.A. Loving Company
PO Box 919
Goldsboro, NC 27533
James J. Smith
Phone: 919-734-8400
Fax: 919-736-2148

Products: Water/Sewer Construction, Road/Highway/Bridge Construction, Treatment Plant Construction, Excavation

Water Worx Services
515 S. New Hope Road – Suite 109
Raleigh, N.C.  27610
Mathew Stefanski

Products: Water/Sewer Construction, Excavation and site development

as of 1/28/19